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Recording Services

Professional Recording Services

24K knows that a quality recording is a foundation and building blocks for a quality mix. That’s why we take pride in making sure that the atmosphere in which vocals are recorded in are highly acoustically treated. 24K’s Vocal Booth is acoustically treated with sound isolating insulation which is built into the walls, with an additional foam that’s is placed on top of any surfacing walls to make sure that vocals are contained. 

Why Choose 24k Studios?

24K Studios is a music production studio in Toronto's downtown district. We create music, recording, voiceovers, and storytelling. From paper to screen to speaker, 24k enjoy the entire process.

incredible value for money

24k Studios offers different rates for different services, which is perfect for your needs.

of music

24k Studios spent years attracting the top talent in the Canadian recording industry.

professional recording equipment

The top-notch studio equipment is continually updated to ensure quality recordings.

experts are willing to assist you 

 It's just as vital to us to create long-term relationships with the next generation of fresh talent.


Our Rates

All Services Have Feasible Rates

Hourly Rate

$50 per hour (includes vocal recording/mixing)

Daily Rate

$500 for the Day (10hr Cap, In-House Engineer Provided)


$200 per track including mixing/mastering stems
(We can mix and master vocal stems from other studios, the maximum amount of stems is 20; additional 10$ for every other vocal stem)

Hourly Rate

$30/per hour Every Tuesday (minimum 2 hours booked)

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