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Our Services

DJ MIxing

24K specializes in making sure that each artists mix is unique and dynamic. Through mixing, we can Gain Stage and EQ a vocal to perfection to bring out the dynamics in any individuals voice. Our vocals go through a series of chains to get them sounding wide, thick, and crisp.

Music Studio

24K understands that mastering is the “icing on the cake” when it comes to finalizing a song. However, we take the mastering approach differently than other studios. 24K deeply goes in and analyzing a mix for 3-5 days. Our engineer will then make multiple adjustments to a mix, then start the mastering process when the mix is as clean as possible.

DJ Mixing

24K knows that a quality recording is a foundation and building blocks for a quality mix. That’s why we take pride in making sure that the atmosphere in which vocals are recorded in are highly acoustically treated. 24K’s Vocal Booth is acoustically treated with sound isolating insulation which is built into the walls, with an additional foam that’s is placed on top of any surfacing walls to make sure that vocals are contained. 


Our Rates

All Services Have Feasible Rates

Hourly Rate

$60 per hour (includes vocal recording/mixing)

Daily Rate

$600 for the Day (10hr Cap, In-House Engineer Provided)


$300 per track including mixing/mastering stems
(We can mix and master vocal stems from other studios, the maximum amount of stems is 20; additional 10$ for every other vocal stem)

Hourly Rate

$40/per hour Every Tuesday (minimum 2 hours booked)

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